Nov 17, 2010

Dear P

I got this in my mail box today first thing in the morning. :-) It is so amazing when such unlikely people believe in you.


Sending you the recommendations that I filled up for RC, this is so that you have a goal and dream that it can be done.
Remember every task has pitfalls and requires a challenge which one has to own self. Hard work, single minded focus, resoluteness, investment of time and emotions, dispassionate hard work, etc are required. Most of the people fail because they think the path to achievement is drudgery, people only succeed when they start enjoying the journey of going through the effort as motions of life and suddenly they find that success is at their doorstep.
Do your resolute best without attachments and results shall follow in one way or the other, Lord Krishna’s sermon in Gita is what needs to be followed – at least in my case I have reached wherever I am with with this solitary philosophy.
Aim for the stars and put in your best, you’ll realize that success, happiness and satisfaction are waiting to be your best companions in life.

Best Wishes


(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

oh nice, that is very sweet of him :-)

Anonymous said...

Этот пост — одно из редких исключений, когда читаешь с интересом и что-то для себя выносишь. Спасибо автору. Добавлю в избранное[url=].[/url] :)

Anonymous said...

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