Jul 5, 2008

And we are not gonna drink for sometime now!!!!!!!

Friday night, three bored and suitably messed up women , a bottle vodka, driving around and what do you get the perfect recipe for a crazy night. A night which started out perfectly innocently cos I wanted to sleep early since I have been sleep deprived this whole week. I don’t know why I can’t pop into bed early like most people would do if they had work at 9 in the morning. But no I have to drive myself to this exhausted and sleep deprived state and its not that I have been on some wild partying spree. No my excuses of not sleeping have been as insipid as watching a movie on my laptop or skyping till wee hours or having Chinese at Pandara road at 1 in the morning or the the lamest one talking on the phone with my best friend Batty Woman. So last evening I told Raddy that I really wanted to make it an early night as I haven’t been getting any sleep and surprisingly she agreed. So we stepped out for a little while to pick up some liquor since it was Friday evening. After doing so madam wanted to go on a drive and drink I indulged her and said fine we’ll do so. Anyways how long would we be driving around and we would be home in an hour. So we start making drinks in the car rather I made the drinks as she drove and suddenly a bright idea flashed in my head I told Raddy “ Come lets go meet Batty Woman.” She wanted to drink too and she’d almost sighed when I had told her on the phone that Raddy and I are gonna be drinking. So I call her up and ask her to come out for a drive and her first reaction was “ Are you mad? My parents will murder me if they wake up in the middle of the night and I am not at home” . Finally after much coaxing she settled for having one drink in the car right under her house. She came down sat in the car and took a sip of my drink and as the alcohol took precedence over everything else and made its presence felt in our systems we women went on our own strange whacky trips and drunken dials to Kuwait and England and Hyderabad were made. Strangers were spoken to over the phone. Younger brother of Batty Woman was called frantically and asked to keep shut if her Mommy came downstairs. All fear was forgotten as we made numerous trips to her house to use the washroom and she sneaked us into her house in our drunken state and not to forget in a drunken stupor.
As I try to remember just snatches of conversation come back to me. Mr Light Eyes from the Middle East told me over the phone that he’d have an extra marital affair with me. Yes he is very cute but married to a model. I said I do not flirt with married men and gave the phone back to Raddy who had called to speak to Atti. Atti and Light Eyed Looser were at some yacht party in Kuwait. Batty Woman sent her her giant who is shooting a film at Hyderabad, a soppy message from my phone and forgot to write her name and lamented for 10 minutes cos Giant would think tis me confessing my undying love for him. He did nothing of that sort and called her back promptly saying “Hmmmmm what was that message all about.” Batty Woman all happy says “Giant I am drunk but I loweee you.” The things we women do under the effects of alcohol. But the funniest was when we sneaked into her house and three of us couldn’t stop laughing i. There was no reason whatsoever but we rolled on the floor and laughed. Thank god for her folks being such sound sleepers and the fact that they were sleeping upstairs. I dread to imagine what would have happened if they had been woken up by drunken antics. I wonder why we acted the way we did. I have been laughing all day just thinking about last night and remembering our girly talk. Kudos to Batty Woman and her pluck or else who would let two of her inebriated friends into her house at 1 in the morning just to use the wash room and be so drunk herself that she couldn’t walk in a straight line. We even smuggled “murukkus” out of her kitchen into the car. When Raddy and I finally got back home and I was looking for the bottle of vodka I found the empty bottle lying under the seat. I was appalled with our habits.
Batty Woman’s explanation this morning “Oh please I get carried away too easily. One slight push in the not so right direction and I forget everything and act like some super cool dare devil when the truth of the matter being if my folks had woken up last night and seen me and the two of you drunk and running around the building corridors I would have been slaughtered alive and they would have thought I do it every day at night when this is the first time and I would have been forbidden to ever meet you again.” A long pause. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
My first reaction this morning “ Dude what was wrong with us last night? What happened?”
Raddy’s answer “ We were marvellously drunk thats all. “ hehehe!

PS :- I still went to office at 9 in the morning just incase you think I didn’t manage getting up on time for office and its 5:30 and I am still here. Hmphhhhhh! Btw Batty Woman and I are sitting at my place this evening and watching movies and drinking only water cos even the thought of drinking disgusts me.


S said...

That sounds like something I'd have written, situation wise and word-choice wise!

BananaFish said...

You have a fantastic memory for an alcoholic!

mayz said...

i agree wid bananafish!!! dat was 1 hellva description aftr a bottle of vodka!!!
ps: u wrk on sat too??? bonded labour!!!

Keshi said...

wut who am I where am I? ;-)


SMM said...

Well this drink sure sounds like one for the books :)

Giant?????? Hee hee. cute

She said...

You guys are unbelievable!!! You cannot have so much fun..I am sure there's a law against it. I am so green.

Scribblers Inc said...

intelligent observation by bananafish...anyways, sober women never made it into the history books...but then the drunk women would rather be more funny I guess!!:)

great writeup,
Scribblers Inc.

P.S.:what the heck is a bananafish??

Pinku said...


that rocks!!!

these girlie escapedes are so much fun!!! I am going green with envy!

Pinku said...
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Anonymous said...

hehe..its cute!
i am glad you guys had fun:)