May 23, 2007

Delhi is not too far away

I am sitting at my desk in office enclosed by the cubicle. This is just another corporate establishment. The interiors are done up in white and brown with clinical precision which in someways is rather insipid and dull. We employees are the only ones which add colour to this place and breathe in life into it. The conversation in my department centres largely around the contracts my company is entering into with other corporate houses or the arbitral awards we are trying to secure for the company. Once in a while when the work load is less does the place become a little lively and we discuss the latest happenings in the country and the legal world. Its one of those rare times when I get involved in the discussion and look up , trying to crane up my neck and make my presence felt.

Or else I am in my own world.a thousand different places at the same time. My mind keeps wandering from one place to another like a gypsy. I try to confine it,constrict it to the document I am reading at a certain point but to no avail. My mind has a mind of its own :). The other day it was visting Delhi. I was wondering how different it would be working there. I won't have to look for excuses to meet people. We could chill at mocha and indulge in harmless bitching and gossiping sessions over a plate of delicious jamaican omlettes. We'd shop at lajpat nagar and janpat,buy colourful jholas,chappals and trinkets ,haggle with the shopkeepers over a measly sum of 5 rupees. After work we'd catch up for a cup of coffee and exchange notes about how horrible and tiring our day was and try to out do one another and make it look as if "Your day couldn't be worse than mine" :).

Chet and I would walk to karol bagh and have chaat and stuff ourselves to the brim with golgappas.How can i not mention the delhi winters? Whining and waking up in pitch darkness at 6 in the morning . The comforting warm water baths and covering ourselves from head to toe all geared up to fight the cold . Our first step outside the house and being hit by the icy blast of the chilly wintry wind . The shivers down my spine and the heady combination of goosebumps on my hand and the cosy warmth of my shawl over me. Loving it absolutely or rather revelling in it. The beauty of Delhi on a winter morning. I remember the India Gate shrouded in mist. The structure looked just as majestic even on a misty morning. The giggles and the hot chocolate fudge at Nirula's . Watching Harry Potter at the newly done up PVR or going for a drink to Morrison's with Akku.

I soooooooo miss that one month I spent in that city or maybe I just miss living a life I want to. "Boss is calling you". I look up trying to hide this piece of paper. My colleaugue doesn't really care. He walks away with a sarcastic expression on his face. I get up and enter my boss's cabin. After the usal exchange of social niceties and asking me how am I am finding it here I give the cliche answer. He is an adorable, fatherly man. He cannot imagine why would I want to work here of all the places so far away from home. On the pretext of listening to him I am looking out of the window nodding my head while he talks to me . The sun is out finally. Wasn't turning out to be a bad day afterall. "So next week you shall have to go for your training." I'm jerked back into reality. "Yes Sir ofcourse". "Then you can decide what you are interested in and decide where you would like to work". I am taken aback. "Really Sir!!!!!!! So where would my training be?" "Well Bombay, Calcutta ,Bangalore and Delhi. Hope it won't be too tiresome for you." "Did u say Delhi sir?" I asked him with bated breath. "Yes Delhi. Why? Do you think you don't want to be working there?" I couldn't believe my ears. I wanted to scream out loud and say "Are you kidding dude!! I'd love to go there."

Sadly I had to make do with a sedate and sober response like"No Sir . Not at all. I am fine with whichever city you send me to." I thanked him profusely and for the first time its was an honest and genuine thank you. I am elated or should i say jubilant. Its as if all the chains binding me had broken.My spirit was soaring somewhere up in the sky . I could do what I wanted to for a long long time. I could fly away again.Alas Delhi was not too far away ever.


doggerel maker said...

Thanks for your visit and love. I'd love to see more personal writing on your blog. Of course its your blog and you write what you want :). Just that your profile aroused some curiosity.

utopia18883 said...

hey somebody actually checked out my blog. i don't believe this. i try so hard not to make it personal and remain incognito but i fail maybe.