Dec 3, 2005

Here I Am ,This Is Me ,There Is No Where On This Earth I'd Rather Be

heyyyyyyyyyyyy so here i am ,back to square one .right from where i started.yeahhhhhhh been feelin soooooooooo bad but hell its gonna be fine .sometimes i am almost convinced that this aIn't my life but a story happening or right out of some movie and its gonna be alright.haven't i been through this before .but then i am what i am because of all my past experiences and i wouldn't wanna be anywhere but right here ,right now in this present moment .

everything is gonna make sense someday ,its all a part of some bigger plan .know it'll take time but once i am over it then probably i shall be able to see things from a better or different perspective .i do not wanna be stuck in this rut any longer.wish i could just wipe out all those conversations or even better still white wash the last 7 months from my memory.guess i learnt a few lessons .

though when i am all alone at night or early in the morning when i wake up and can't get back to sleep i am almost convinced that we'll meet again.this cannot have such an an abrupt and arbit end.can't believe that i'll never be able to tell you the smallest and the silliest of things,tell you about all the boring mundane things in life.can't believe that in some ways i have lost my best friend.but thats the truth and hell u wanted it this way.sooooooo byeeeeeeee forever .

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