Dec 7, 2005

Feelin Like A Monday Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

yeah well haven't been feelin too happy lately but it has been gettin better and i am sure with time it shall get better and i shall just forget all this shit .know i don't deserve this ,wonder what da hell do i deserve in the first place ?ain't ever gonna bulid my world around anyone,someone who wasn't there or chose not to be there.sometimes though when i think of old times ,bad times i am like yeah this is gonna come to an end.god i am talkin such incoherent shit,nothing makes sense.but yeah there have been a lot of lessons learnt.maybe i should just make a list out of them.think i shall so that the next time i remember hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!thank god for life movin on,imagine being stuck in the same rut forever.but then it also depends on our choices i guess.though sometimes when life is going all hunky dory i do feel like capturing that moment and living in it forever:).

so here's to me ,and here's to you,here's to our dreams and hopes,hope we are happy wherever we are,and most of all here's to future and its unpredictability.

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