Aug 21, 2013

And I keep trying like I always have

I think I am back.

Singapore has been an eye opener of sorts. I am so out of any comfort zone that existed back home.

Till a few days back I kept asking myself why did I do this to myself? Hopefully I'll have a more convincing answer 10 months down the line once I graduate.

There are days when I feel I am the biggest idiot walking on planet Earth and there are days when I feel no there just might be some substance in those grey cells of mine.

I am surrounded by serious 22 year old Singaporean students or over excited 25 year old Indian post grad students and then there is me who turned 30 last Saturday.

I know where I wanna be, now I do but I don't know how will I find my way there given the bad markets and pronationalist Singaporean policies. Sigh!

I am struggling. But I try and I fight the blues tooth and nail every single day.


Anonymous said...

Great going young lady.....

Anonymous said...

Great going young lady.....