Oct 4, 2012

Zumba you make me feel inadequate. :D

As if making an utter fool of myself in the first class wasn’t enough now I think I”ll have to practice those steps in advance at home so as to ensure I don’t look like a duck out of water. I am talking about zumba here and how my hands and legs do not coordinate with the music nor can I seem to follow the instructor or the girl doing it right in front of me. I felt so silly and I haven’t felt this foolish since November 2008 so you can imagine how bad this must be. Sigh! I felt graceless and refused to look at my image in the mirror. I never prided myself as being a dancer but I wasn’t ungraceful until last evening. At least I think I wasn’t.

Why did I think this was only gonna be an advanced form of aerobics? This zumba class I attend is actually only jhintaak Bollywood dance. These guys were dancing on "Mashallah" and "Tumhi Ho Bandhu" and the steps were right out of the actualy movie videos! One moment I was trying my bestest to follow the instructor's footwork and next moment I had this annoying sense of deja vu as I tried to move my waist and I thought "Wait a sec this is exactly what Katrina does in this song." Need I say anymore. In my defence I'll state that I love hindi music so I am guessing I'll pick up the steps eventually.

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