Feb 24, 2009

How we use to be ...

Something written by me more than 8 months back. We have surely come a long long way indeed. I was drunk on a quarter of vodka one Saturday evening in Delhi when Preema and I decided to ditch the rest of the gang as they headed to some fancy club ( think it was F Bar). I sat at home obstinately making the excuse of monetary problems and Preema sneaked out and came home with the Bald Cutie and three of us drank and spoke a lot about life, why we are the way we are and why we do what we chose to do, religion, faith and our personal beliefs. I distinctly remember composing this blog post and for some reason not putting it up. Maybe cos I thought it revealed too much. Now it doesn't pinch me anymore and surprisingly this was still lying in the drafts unpublished so here it is. A bit of the " love-sick looney" I use to be and always will be heheh!

"i don't listen to the same songs anymore. i keep searching for new songs on limewire looking for music that doesn't remind me of u. i know life has changed and we ain't where we used to be. i wonder if all that was real. i hate so hate aerosmith and i'd rather die than listen to "dream on" or "deuces are wild".i am moving on and succeeding. i bump into u in and all that i feel is the awkwardness left and the silence that predominates every other feeling.i don't even get drunk as often as i used to when u were around. yeah m a little inebriated now but tis all good. u ain't around to keep an eye on the number of drinks i have. i don't ask questions anymore and i don't wait patiently for weekends anymore cos weekends ain't half as fun without u. i know u ain't gonna call me on a saturday night saying"m coming over soooo pleasseeeee order food" or jus come home and mess up my room. we ain't gonna be standing in front of my dressing table doing r own thing completely unaware of the pretty picture we make and darn there ain't gonna be anymore pictures of us. but u know what this isn't it and some other day, some other age and some other time we are gonna meet again and it is gonna be a different story."

"and if r hands should meet in another dream we'll build another tower in the sky"


J said...

I like the word, 'love sick looney' :P

I guess a part of growing up is when you look back at the past and it brings a smile to one's face.

Jinu P said...

awww! similar that we are, i know how it is! Damnitt!

just btw, try listening to Jason Mraz singing 'A beautiful mess' (such a 'love-sick-looney' track!) and also 'butterfly' by him. It's the song when you are feeling all happy and are 2 drinks down. :)

Swayam said...

I never seem to get enough of your blog.. here's my confession... I've never said this to any blog author..,.. But i so absolutely love your blog... I really do...

ananya chatterjee said...

neat work there

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